Cabins, Garages and Utilities

Deluxe Cabin

DSC00450_640x480 DSC00276_640x480

(Sizes Available: 12’x20′ through 14’x40′)

Here are some great features and benefits:

  • Studs on 2′ centers. (easy to finish out)
  • Insulated with bubble wrap insulation (heats very easily)
  • 6′ Porch with railing (enough room for a reclining lawn chair)
  • 2 Windows
  • 6′ Loft above porch
  • Log siding underneath porch

When we designed this cabin we wanted to have the Log Cabin Look without sacrificing the advantages of a Maintenance Free Building. That’s why we have log siding under the portch roof so it’s not exposed to the sun and rain. However, if you want log siding on all exterior walls, we can do so. Just call for a price. We are all about customizing for you.

Portable Garage

(Sizes Available: 12’x16′ through 14’x40′)

If you need a building with lots of room and a big door, this would be a great choice. We put our floor joists on 12″ centers to support a car or even a one ton truck. We have truss systems on 4′ centers with lots of horizontal framing to provide you with a strong durable building. Our unique aluminum threshold gives this building an attractive look, plus we have it slanted to shed any rain water that comes off the roll-up door. We also have laminated four floor joists together beneath the roll-up door that way you have no twisting or warping when you drive in and out with your vehicle.

Utility Shed

(Sizes Available: 9’x8′ through 14’x40′)

This is a great building for someone who just needs basic floor space. Truss systems are on 4′ centers with lots of horizontal framing. Walls are 7′ with a cathedral truss to maximize space. If you’re looking for a building with no extras and need to get the most for your dollar, here it is. Look no further!

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