Barn Style

Lofted Barn

(Sizes Available: 12’x12′ through 14’x32′)

This has been a long time favorite for many of our customers. Our unique overhang on the front gives it a Classic Barn Style look. If you have small things you need to store that you only use several times a year, (like Christmas decorations), you can put that in the loft and still have floor space for lawn mowers, 4-wheelers, etc. If you need a Lofted Building at a great price, this is it!

Lofted Garden Barn

(Sizes Available: 10’x12′ through 14’x32′)

This is basically a glorified version of the lofted barn. The U-Loft Design keeps your valuables out of the way, yet within easy reach. The double doors and windows make this building attractive. Most women go for this building. Our most popular sizes of this style are 10’x16′ and 12’x20′.

Heritage Barn

(Sizes Available: 9’x8′ through 9’x18′)

If you need a small attractive Barn Style Building, here it is! Our unique overhang on the front and 4″ overhang on the sides make this one popular model.